FamilyLife has been ministering to families through weekend events, home studies, books and other material for over 40 years. A few years ago, they realized the need to provide their quality seminar experience to more people. They prepared a video-based event to make quality teaching easily available to audiences of all kinds. The Art of Marriage has now been seen by over 5 million people in 20 different languages.

This DVD event weaves together expert teaching, engaging stories, real-life testimonies, and humorous vignettes in a video composition to help couples fully experience God’s design for marriage.
The Art of Marriage consists of six video sessions, each about an hour long. Each is a tasteful combination of creative role-play, teachers and counselors presenting biblical truths, and couples sharing their experiences related to the topic. Each session covers one of six primary “seasons of life” that each marriage will experience. See Event Information for further information on these topics.
Dress comfortably, but modestly. Casual clothing is acceptable, but please be considerate and respectful of your fellow participants. This includes being mindful of “message” shirts that might distract from the purpose of the event.
Though we care deeply about children, we want to keep the event free of distractions, and as a courtesy to other participants. We request that parents make their own provisions for caring for their children elsewhere during this event.
Light snacks, coffee, tea, and water will be provided between the sessions on Friday evening, Saturday at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. A light Continental-style breakfast will be available Saturday at 8:30 am before the first session begins at 9:00 am. For lunch-time on Saturday, each couple will provide for their own lunch at a location where they can work on their third project together. A list of local area restaurants will be provided.
This event will have no organized group discussion.
This event was designed so that the projects are an essential part of the event experience. The projects allow you to immediately apply what you’ve learned from the videos to your marriage. We highly recommend that you make the completion of the projects a priority during the event. We’ve received many comments from other attendees who say the projects were the best part of the event.
ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we HIGHLY recommend it. The event will give individuals a clear understanding of what a marriage commitment truly means. It is also a great foundation for engaged couples who are soon to be married. However, due to mature content, this event is appropriate for adults only.
We understand that divorce is a reality, and we have designed this event with that reality in mind. The videos seek to focus on the condition of your current marriage, rather than creating guilt for mistakes made in the past. We also recognize that even in such an environment, one might feel uncomfortable at times because of past memories and regrets that are stirred up. Our prayer is that you would come to this event excited to make you current marriage a strong, healthy, lasting one, even if it means dealing with some painful memories. We will have experienced staff available if you want someone to pray with you concerning anything about which you feel you need to speak with God.
Every marriage relationship is in a constant state of movement: You are either growing closer together or further part. Unfortunately, it seems that the natural inclination of human hearts is to drift apart over time. Every marriage needs a tune-up from time to time, no matter how well it might be running. This event is designed to heighten even the best of marriages. It also serves as a great reminder that you are God’s gift to each other.
You can sign up beginning January 1, 2018 through January 26. You may register by clicking the red REGISTER NOW button on the Home page. Cost will be $52 per couple or $27 per single person payable by credit card or EFT online. When you select the number of couples or singles to be registered, you will have the opportunity to include a gift to help us defray costs for those who otherwise might not be able to attend. Give only as the Lord leads you to give.
Each person will receive a workbook in which to make notes during the course of the event. The three projects that each couple would complete are also in that book. The registration also covers cost of snacks and drinks, and Saturday morning’s Continental breakfast.
Our greeting hosts and hostesses will confirm your arrival against your online registration and give you your workbook(s) and information packet. They can help you with other questions you may have. You should then make your way to the sanctuary for the event. Please plan to arrive early so that you can be comfortably seated before the event starts at promptly 7:00.
Because we must pre-order materials, we regret that we are not able to provide refunds for cancellations.